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About Us


Midway Marina was purchased in September of 2021 by Randy and Tina Stone. The name was changed back to it's previous name, since the facility is located along the Red River and approximately midway between Shreveport and Alexandria. The Stones have many improvements planned for the future. Look for updates on Facebook.

Park Manager

Alicia Bedgood, Manager

This is not a fancy “resort” style RV Park. It is for those not interested in swimming pools, tiny RV sites, crowds, and high prices. It is a Louisiana style country place offering great service and low prices. It is laid-back and clean with owners who appreciate their guests and treat them with southern hospitality. That is our number one goal  – making our guests comfortable and happy.​


“Camper Report” listed the top ten complaints that are posted about RV parks. Following are those complaints and how Midway RV Park stands with regard to them:

1. Not enough space

This one is easy, since the RV sites average 40 feet in width from post to post.

2. Bad attitudes from staff and owners

We insist that all guests are treated with kindness and respect. If there is an issue with this, our contact page has an email link directly to the owner.

3. Bad Electric Hookups

At Midway RV Park the power pedestals are fully functional and in good condition. At any RV park, it is wise to check that first before completely setting up, so that moving to another site is easy.

4. Gross Water

The water is good. It is soft water with no fowl odors and good pressure.

5. Dirty bathhouses and common areas

Midway RV Park has bathrooms but at this time no showers. The bathrooms and common areas are monitored and kept clean.

6. Neighbor problems

This is a difficult one to address. If an issue between neighbors cannot be resolved among themselves then the first course of action would be to offer a different site. The most typical neighbor complaints are late-night noise and issues with dogs. Quiet hours and pet rules are posted below . A guest may be asked to leave if the rules are violated.

7. Unlevel Sites

Midway RV Park sites are grass or gravel, but are also level.

8. Mud, sand, and dirt

OK, let's face it. It is a campground. There is going to be mud, sand, and dirt, especially after heavy rains. It is a good idea to have a pad or carpet to lay out at the entrance of the RV to avoid tracking in.

9. Bug Issues

Unless you live in Antarctica, insects are everywhere. Considering that this is Louisiana, the park does not have as much flying insect population as many places. It is a good idea to bring repellent and citronella candles. We do have an insect control company serving the park on a regular basis. 

10. Feeling unsafe

This one is surprising because it seems to me that most RV Parks are reasonably safe, as is ours. It is fenced and the Winn Parish Sheriff Dept. patrols it often. An emergency number is posted on the door at the store. One of the things in Louisiana that may cause safety concerns are alligators. There are occasionally alligators in the Red River and nearby Saline Bayou, but they rarely come onshore. There has never been an alligator attack on a human in this area. It is, however, another good reason to keep dogs on a leash.

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