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Florida or Louisiana?

You may be one of the many people planning to or already retired to RV life, or perhaps wanting to do the snowbird thing. Florida is what comes to most people's mind first. Florida is a great place but there is another alternative that should be considered, depending on your lifestyle, interests, and budget. Check out the following comparisons of retiring or wintering in Florida and Louisiana.

The Weather

it makes perfect sense to want to get away from those cold winters of the north but most of Louisiana is in the same sub-tropical zone as much of Florida with mostly mild winters. Bad weather can happen anywhere but as you know Florida is a high risk state for hurricanes and tornadoes, as is the coast of Louisiana. Midway RV Park is located 136 miles from the gulf coast, with little affect by off-shore storms. Being surrounded by water, Florida is subject to extreme humidity. Mid-Louisiana is far enough from the coast to not be as humid as much of Florida.

sub-tropical zone
Florida Beach


OK, Florida has Louisiana beat on the subject of sandy beaches. Louisiana also has beaches but also a huge number of beautiful lakes, rivers, bayous, swamps, and canals. And they are never overcrowded like the Florida beaches. People who live in Florida full-time rarely go the beaches but those living in Louisiana enjoy the many waterways available to them. 

Cypress Tree
swimming pool

RV Parks

Florida has many RV parks or RV Resorts. Sure, they have nice amenities like pools, game rooms, and scheduled activities. They also have crowds, limited space and are expensive. Midway is a small country park with lots of space, trees, a river, and low monthly rates. It is quiet and never crowded.

Midway RV Park & Marina deck
traffic jam

Boating and Fishing

Many of the boat ramps in Florida will require a long wait, then there is the boat traffic on the water to deal with. Midway has it's own ramp and dock. The oxbow lake connects to the Beautiful Red River and several bayous where fishing is great and there are plenty of quiet coves and beaches to enjoy.

boat ramp


No doubt that Florida has many attractions that people enjoy, depending on what your interest is and you can endure the crowds. In addition to water sports, fishing, and hunting, central Louisiana has many attractions including plantations and Natchitoches, where one will find a beautiful downtown along the Cane River, museums, and eateries. 

historic Natchitoches

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