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Midway RV Park & Marina

Marina, Fuel, Dock, Store, River, Red River, Boat

Midway RV Park & Marina is located in an oxbow lake at mile marker 141. Entrance to the lake is along the left descending bank. It is 1.4 miles from the main channel to our marina. Watch for our sign at the point of the cut-off and the main channel. The lake has a good channel from the river with little or no current. The only development is a few homes and our marina. We have a fuel dock with non-ethanol gas. Take a side trip up the nearby Saline Bayou. It has plenty of depth and is beautiful, being on the list of National Scenic Rivers. 

Red River, Oxbow Lake, Marina, Channel
Boat Ramp, Marina, boating, dock,

Boat Launching Ramp

Saline, Bayou, fishing, boating, paddling, scenic, river

Saline Bayou

bathrooms, patio, grill, riverside, shade

Restrooms with Covered Patio

groceries, food, ice, beer, suppies, bait

Our Store

deck, store, picnic tables, river view, relax

Relax on our deck

Gas Pump Notice.JPG

How to find us from the river

Entrance to oxbow lake

Arrows indicate turn-in to our oxbow lake at mile marker 141.3 just above a red buoy along the left descending bank.

Mile marker sign

Downriver boats should look for mile marker 141.8. Entrance to our lake will be 1/2 mile below this marker.

Midway sign on Red River

Look for this sign at mile marker 141 along the left descending bank..

Calm water harbor

It's easy to spot our marina just 1.4 miles from the main channel of the Red River. Average depth of the lake is 12 feet.

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